Our approach prioritises understanding your unique business needs over merely offering a one-size-fits-all insurance solution. This ensures we deliver a superior product that represents real value for money.

Get Started
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We will meet with you to gain an understanding of your business, assets and liabilities. We will assess your pastand current insurance needs and identify any gaps in your coverage that may be effectively filled.


We consolidate the information you have provided us and present it to a panel of insurers most suited to you,sourced from over 200 markets available to us both locally and overseas. MACK Insurance Services places over3,000 policies annually and know the companies and agencies most likely to quote favourably based on yourbusiness, location and insurance history.


Once all insurance quotes are received we will compare price and coverage of each, factoring in our ownexperience dealing with each specific insurer and their efficacy in handling claims.

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We will present our findings to you and recommend the insurance package we think best suits your needs, whilstguiding you through our reasonings.


Should you choose to proceed with our recommendations we will begin the process of placing policies and arranging invoices.

Claims advocacy

Should any claims arise throughout the year, we will lodge, manage and negotiate these claims on your behalf.


We will contact you prior to your policy expiration, and assess whether your insurance is best renewed or revised,contingent on any relevant updates and/or changes in the insurance market