Claims Process

Because we know your business we'll give you best possible chance at making your claim and go the extra mile to help your farm or business. 

Get Started

Some simple steps to follow when making a claim.


Make contact

Contact Us As Soon As Possible On 02 6959 3419.


Take precaution

Ensure you take all reasonable precautions to prevent further loss or injury.


Be careful with evidence

Depending on the size of the loss, an assessor may be required to carry out an inspection. If possible, do not move or throw away items related to your claim. If evidence must be discarded for safety reasons, ensure you take as many photographs of the scene or items as possible.


Support your claim

The more supporting evidence that can be provided, the quicker your claim will be processed. Where possible provide important documents including receipts, photographs, and service records of the goods you are claiming.


Admitting fault

If you are in an accident or a situation arises where you may be held responsible it is critical that you DONOT admit fault. Take photographs of any damage and exchange details, even take a photo of the other party’s drivers licence if possible.


After hours care

If an incident occurs after hours or on a public holiday and you need urgent assistance to make your home safe, contact your insurer directly as most will have a ‘make safe’ team. If you incur costs undertaking your own temporary repairs, be sure to keep the invoice from the repairer in the event that these costs can be claimed.