Uncomplicated insurance policies tailored for you, handled by us.

With Mack Insurance, safeguarding your future has never been easier. Let us handle the complexities of insurance, so you can focus on what matters most.

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 Insurance made simple

How does MACK Insurance Services simplify insurance?

Finding the right insurance for YOU can be confusing. MACK Insurance Services cuts through the jargon to provide personal advice, with a cost-effective solution in the event of a claim.

Don’t get bogged down in the fineprint.

At MACK Insurance Services we do the work for you, reviewing policy wordings and pricing to create a tailored insurance program specifically  relevant to the needs of you and your business.

We’ve got you

MACK has got your back.

We know that dealing with insurers can be less than enjoyable so in the event of a claim we are here to advocate for you! We will liaise with insurers and handle all claim-related requirements, saving you time and money.

The team at MACK Insurance Services work on hundreds of claims each year so we are well-versed in how the process works and how to get the best results. We’ve even been known to turn around previously-declined claims.

Providing suitable protection.

At MACK Insurance Services we take the time to get to know and understand you, your assets and your needs,  providing solutions that make sense and present you in the best light to insurers.

We check in with our clients regularly and review our policies annually, ensuring your insurance program remains up-to-date and appropriate for your needs.

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Sectors we’re serving

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Plan & Equipment

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Heavy Motor and Truck Insurance

Building Construction Insurance

Construction & Trade Insurance

Business Women

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Cotton Insurance

Cotton Insurance

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Crop Insurance


Farm Insurance

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Why choose an Insurance Advisor?

So why choose an insurance advisor like MACK Insurance Services? As seasoned insurance advisors, we know the ins and outs of the system.

We have access to over 200 insurance companies and agencies and are not tied to any - we have the insight without the bias.
We know how best to negotiate with insurance companies and agencies, and know when to push back to get the best result.
We know which companies are quick and fair, saving you time and money - no one wants to spend hours on the phone, only to miss out on the perfect plan.
We see you as a person not a product - we choose the policies that will work best for YOU not for us.

How we works with our client’s

An insurance provider with experience

Backed by years of trusted experience, we navigate the complexities of insurance so you don't have to.

A trustworthy partnership

Your reliable insurance partner, where trust and transparency pave the way for peace of mind and security.

Onsite site visits

Enhancing your coverage with personalised onsite visits to understand and protect what matters most to you.

Return on investment

Maximising your return on investment with insurance that not only protects but also pays dividends in peace of mind and security.

Paperwork! They need to make a claim

We streamline your claims process by handling paperwork, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience when you need it most.

Multiple providers

We leverage  a network of leading providers to offer tailored insurance solutions that best meet your unique needs and preferences.

What’ our clients talk about us ?

Neca Logo
Riverina Equine Vet
White Top

It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this client testimonial for MACK Insurance Services and their company Director Lachlan MacKinnon.

NECA NSW and I would have no hesitation in recommending MACK Insurance Services to any association or company looking for a motivated, professional and knowledgeable asset to help drive member retentions and information distribution on a large or small insurance marketing programme.

Although Lachy did not perform any insurance advice work for NECA NSW I am confident that through his attention to detail and professionalism he would be the perfect fit as any businesses appointed insurance servicer.

Oliver Judd

NECA Executive Director

A huge thanks to Lach MacKinnon for his exceptional customer service and for spending his time understanding my business before looking after all my insurance needs for 2017. Not only did this save me time and money, Lach also identified areas where I was inappropriately insured and adjusted policies to specifically suit my business’s needs.

It gives me great peace of mind knowing that my insurance needs are covered so I can concentrate on what I do best. I also rest easy knowing that I will get timely assistance when I need to make a claim or acquire a new asset.

Dr Andy Lamont

Riverina Equine Vet

We have been running our own business for 5 years now and although we thought we had our affairs in order, we really didn’t. After speaking with Lachy, from MACK Insurance Services we realised we had a lot of areas within our business that we could tighten up and streamline. This is where Lachy came in. He organised all and reviewed all of our existing policies and from there researched the best possible cover for our personal and business affairs. It was eye opening to what wasn’t covered as well as comforting to know Lachy was taking care of it all, allowing us to focus on our business. We could not recommend MACK Insurance Services more highly and we thank Lachy for his services and ongoing support for our business.

Josh Walsh

Founder & Director White Top

Mack Insurance FAQ’s

Need more Questions ?

Your premiums will vary depending on the nature of the policy. We take into account your personal circumstances, previous claims, the value of what you are insuring, and how much risk (including excess) you are prepared to take on.

We will thoroughly research your options and provide you with several quotes in order to make your premium as affordable as possible.

Some insurers allow monthly payments but where this is not possible we can organise a premium funding quote allowing you to pay your premiums by installments. 

It is important to note when using premium funding to pay your insurance, there are terms and conditions you will be signing up to, including interest fees. 

Please contact us directly here for further information regarding premium funding quotes.

Yes! We are a full service agency and will attempt to minimise your workload wherever possible. MACK Insurance will negotiate all claims and submit any required information on your behalf.

Absolutely! We have offices located in both Wagga Wagga and Narrandera and are always available to meet with new clients. Contact us directly here to ensure we connect you with the best person to assist with your needs. 

There are some simple steps to follow when making a claim. Refer to our claims page here for further information.

We will lodge your claim as quickly as possible and once we have all the required information we will endeavour to lodge your claim that same day.

Resolution of claims is dependant on the size of the claim. A small claim may be settled in a short period of time while larger more intricate claims are likely to take longer to process.

We will always attempt to call you to discuss renewals. We will also communicate with you via email or by mail where email is unavailable.